Your Pivot Point with Annette Nolan | Coming Soon!


Welcome to Your Pivot Point! A pivot point refers to a turning point, not so much a physical one but a spiritual one. It is a point within yourself that is creating unhappiness and holding you back. Once you are able to identify it, pivot to it and release that energy, true healing can take place.

Your pivot point will make you turn away from the outside influences/ forces and focus on yourself and you inner wisdom to gain healing and internal peace. So much of our emotional healing happens within, where possibilities are endless, and this course will help you tap into that source.

In this course we will help you explore and identify your pivot point. You will practice turning within yourself and raising your energetic level to the point where you can achieve a pivot point and experience emotional healing.

Annette Nolan is a Senior Accredited Journey Practitioner and a Certified Visionary Leadership Coach. She will guide you through these practices and help you access your pivot point.


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