Living The Journey


Living The Journey

In this compilation of inspiring stories, edited by renowned healing expert Brandon Bays, practitioners of The Journey method share their powerful experiences with natural healing. In 1992 Brandon Bays was diagnosed with a basketball-sized tumor in her uterus. With her extensive background in alternative health, she felt a strong desire to heal naturally, and refused surgery.

Catapulted into a remarkable, healing journey, six-and-a-half weeks later she was pronounced completely clear, tumor-free. She'd taken no drugs, undergone no surgery. Her book The Journey outlined practical steps towards a path of healing and inspired people worldwide to follow her teachings in an effort to achieve healthful, more fulfilling lives.

Now, Living the Journey is an opportunity to learn from those who have successfully integrated The Journey into their lives. Sixteen contributors tell remarkable stories of profound healing: overcoming post-traumatic stress disorder, ridding the body of cancer and chronic pain, and transforming devastating grief into peace, all through the measured steps of the Journey method.