Himalayan Crystal Bath Salt


Practiced since the dawn of time, salt baths are known for their soothing, regenerative, and purifying actions. Himalayan Salt baths combine the health properties of Crystal Salt with the Ancients’ wisdom of lunar rhythms, opening the door to a powerful experience that is in tune with the rhythm of nature.

These baths are particularly recommended during the change of the moon cycle: the body remineralizes itself more easily during the full moon as it purifies and detoxifies during a new moon. (More moon phase information here). In contrast to a bath without salt where the skin loses its humidity, a salt bath allows the salt to penetrate the outer layers of the skin, helping it to retain water. For this reason these baths are recommended for dry skin: after a bath, the skin feels naturally soft and hydrated.

The detoxifying effect of a Himalayan salt bath corresponds to a three day fast. Body toxins are released in the water through osmosis, while minerals present in ionized form in the salty solution are absorbed through the skin. Such a bath is a sheer ocean of energy for the body. Bio-energetic deficiencies are realigned and body functions stimulated.

Your Skin Absorbs the Nutrition of the Salt

When you immerse yourself in the bath, metabolic processes are stimulated and your body assimilates minerals and colloidal trace elements through your skin. Yes, your skin will start eating up the nutrition in the bath!

Makes You More Alkaline

As your body becomes more alkaline, you will experience more vitality. When you take a Crystal Salt bath, your body becomes more alkaline. This is as a result of the absorption of alkalizing minerals through your skin into your bloodstream.

Don’t take our word for it – try it yourself! Use Lumière de Sel® Natural Bath Salt in your tub, and check your urinary pH before and after the bath. You will likely find that after the bath your urine is more alkaline. Alkalinity is one of the cornerstones of good health!

Your Body Might Rev Up Cleansing With Bath Salts
Due to different constitutions, initial experiences with Crystal Bath Salt may vary. Some people experience initial discomfort, such as dizziness, which is a normal reaction to detoxification for some sensitive individuals. This initial discomfort does not mean one should stop – it is an indication that the salt is beginning to rebalance their physiology by providing minerals and energy necessary for health. Any discomfort will subside and cease as the body is rebalanced and detoxified.