The Journey Experience With Annette Nolan March 2020




These two events allow anyone to personally experience the power of The Journey Method. Thousands of people from all backgrounds have already experienced the miracle of their body’s own power to heal from physical, emotional and mental conditions.

What happens over the 2 or 3 days at The Journey Experience?

Day 1: How to release emotional blocks and clear the way for your own healing

On day one you’ll discover the science behind cellular healing, and you’ll learn and practice one of The Journey’s most powerful processes called the Emotional Journey.

In The Emotional Journey, a one-to-one process you’ll experience at the event, you’ll uncover often deeply buried emotional blocks that will have been holding you back in life. You’ll also be able to release repressed cell memories that are often linked to physical illness or the incapability of dealing with our own emotional, resulting in emotional shutdowns.

Day 2: Experience the Physical Journey - a guided meditation process to heal your body

On day two of The Journey Experience, you’ll explore the background and powerful healing capability of the second big Journey Process call the Physical Journey. You’ll learn the very same method Brandon used to heal herself.

This is another one to one process where you’ll be guided to uncover and clear out old cell memories that have caused or might cause physical disease or unhealthy tensions (that can lead to all sorts of issues) in your body and affect the quality of your life.

Day 3 (optional):  Learn Additional Journey Skills and Tools to enhance your experience for profound healing

A dynamic, inspiring day jam-packed with many powerful tools, more and new process work and skills.

Adding this third day to your 2 -day Journey experience will enhance your experience by learning a set of additional tools to go even deeper and become even more proficient at both the Emotional and the Physical Journey. More ways to break through any challenges and work

Choose either the  2 day for $395 or the 3 Day for $595 on the drop down menu.