A Peaceful and Tranquil Setting Right Next Door

Situated on a serene estate, The Retreat House, full of rustic charm and traditional comforts awaits your arrival. “It’s All About You” is an environmentally conscious space. All natural soaps for all uses are supplied. Kangen Water ph 9.0 is available to assist in healing and detoxifying. The Full Kitchen includes a Juicer. Some of our rooms are equipped with Chiropractic Mattresses. Your deep rest and healing are our priority.

The Centre’s main house was designed and built in 1814. The Retreat House was then built for the Estate Manager in the 1960’s. The house holds six bedrooms, two bathrooms, a full kitchen and Lounge. The Library Lounge is comfortable and the fireplace adds a relaxed ambience. It is cosy and rustic. The Main Floor bathroom is shared by 3 bedrooms and The Basement Bathroom is shared by 3 bedrooms. Perfect for groups or multiple